Summer Thinking List part 2

by PL

Fixed Income Asset Manager Edition

Photo of Lake Winnipesaukee by the author.

The Summer Thinking List for Advisors has attracted a lot of hits, so I am following up with some additional questions for the asset management side of the business. Depending on your role, you may find each individual question to be more or less relevant to you, but hopefully you will find at least two or three that will help get you thinking about how to attack the back part of the year.

The Market and my Offerings (15 questions)

  1. What do I think the market is going to do in the next 6 months?
  2. What is my firm saying? Do I agree or disagree (in whole or in part)?
  3. What is the consensus? Are we an outlier?
  4. What are the key indicators I need to be paying attention to?
  5. How will I know if…
  6. If we are right, what are my…

Competition (5 questions)

  1. How well is my firm (and my clients) positioned competitively?
  2. What are my strongest…
  3. What firm(s) or product(s)…

Opportunities (2 questions)

  1. Do we have…
  2. What can I do to…

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