Post-Thanksgiving Calendar

by PL

Typically in December, most markets experience a decline in trading activity as participants deal with the impact of multiple holidays (affecting advisors, clients and trading desks).

This year, investors should be prepared for not only the holiday schedule, but also for potentially increased volatility as lower activity levels could mean exaggerated market reactions to some of the important news events expected in the closing month of the year.

This calendar does not include the usual economic releases, but instead highlights the unusual events for the month.

Week of:

Nov 30

  • 12/1: will there be a default on Puerto Rico muni bonds?
  • 12/2: if there is a December 1 default on any PR munis, be prepared for lots of news headlines today an inbound calls from muni clients

Dec 7

Dec 14

  • 12/15: FOMC meeting day 1
  • 12/16: FOMC meeting day 2, followed by news conference

Dec 21

  • 12/24 Christmas Eve
    • 1:00 ET stocks close early
    • 2:00 ET bonds recommended early close
  • 12/25: Merry Christmas! All markets closed

Dec 28

  • 12/31: New Year’s Eve
    • Stocks open regular hours
    • 2:00 ET: recommended early close for bonds
  • 1/1: Happy New year! All markets closed