If Time is Money…

by PL

If time is money, then what does duration tell us?

For fixed income investors, duration tells us about both–that’s why I calculate the duration for the spots on the muni yield curve. This week’s update has been posted.

Click here to see how much duration risk there is in the 5 year spots of the curve. And, have you been wondering just how cheap munis are to Treasurys? It’s there too.

If you need a refresher on what exactly duration calculates, and the differences between Macaulay Duration and Modified Duration, see my recent article on ETF.com. Just this past week, I read in a major financial publication an article that conflated Macaulay and Modified. Mixing the two will just undermine your credibility.

I update Muni Market Yields in Context after the end of each week.

Have a great week!