Links of Note

Municipal Market Analytics, Inc. (MMA) is an independent research firm based in Concord, Massachusetts. It is the successor of Municipal Market Advisors, which was founded in 1995. Nearly half of the US municipal industry’s participants are MMA clients, including leading investment firms, banks, security dealers, financial advisors, issuers, foundations, labor unions, and regulators.

The Farnam Street Blog.  Like having a conversation with a very smart and interesting friend

Bloomberg Barclays Indices

Bloomberg Barclays Benchmark Indices –updated daily. The first link is to the legacy Barclays page, and the second link is to the new Bloomberg page, rolled out in August.

S&P Dow Jones Municipal Bond Indices

Enterprising Investor blog hosted by the CFA Institute. You don’t have to be a CFA to access this public blog.

There’s more to life than just business and bonds.  There’s family, friends and music.  I grew up listening to great music on really nice (but not awesome) stereo equipment.  Listening to my music via iTunes and my iPhone, I knew there must be a way for me to be sure I’m getting as much through those devices as I can–and Ken Rockwell has some good advice on how to do that.

If you’re here and you don’t already know Edward Tufte, do yourself a favor and look at his web site.  He’s a statistician who developed expertise at condensing huge volumes of data into elegant and easily understandable graphics.