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This will be expanded backwards to include older issuers, but going forward, key articles will be added as new editions are published.

By Date and Key Topic

Most editions cover the most recent index trends, fund flows, rates, etc., so in addition to the standard topics, listed below are the additional subjects covered.

1/23/17 Infrastructure

1/17/17 Pensions and Ratings (in the Commentary); Ladder, Barbell, Bullet (in The Bottom Line)

1/3/17 Recap of 2016; Risk Radar List; Discussion of Fund Flow Trends; Year-End Trading Analysis including updated Seasonal Trading Trends

12/19/16 Are bonds dangerous? Muni TEY’s and he possible new income tax rates

12/12/16 The Muni Market is Less Illiquid; Three Seasons: Fall is the New Summer; Banks, Insurance Companies and Foreigners Big Buyers of Munis in Q3

12/5/16 Tax loss swaps

11/28/16 Has a new fault line emerged in the muni market?

Most Recent Update on Key Topics

Who owns muni bonds? 12/12/16

Muni market liquidity and number of dealers 12/12/16


Also see the Bibliography for other articles published elsewhere.